The best techniques for welcoming customers at a trade show

Have you ever left a store because you weren’t welcomed properly, or at all, when you came in? It happens to all of us, doesn’t it? And when it does, telling others about our bad experience is really satisfying. “I’m never setting foot in there again!”

Making a good first impression on your customers is extremely important, whether your business is new or well established. Having a great product and a beautiful store isn’t enough anymore. These days, customer relationship management is crucial to the success of an organization. And that cannot be ignored.

So, how do you make a good first impression on your customers?

In this article, our custom trade show booth team will give you tips on the best techniques for welcoming customers at a trade show.

Greet the customer and don’t forget to smile!

In the world of events and retail, they say that customers make up their minds about a business in less than 5 seconds. It takes just 5 seconds for customers to decide whether they trust you and want to build a relationship with you.

5 seconds isn’t much, so don’t waste a moment!

Greet customers warmly as soon as they approach your booth. The greeting is the foundation for making a good impression.

When you approach a customer, your greeting doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple “Hello!” accompanied by a sincere smile will do the trick.

Focus on the customer

We all like to feel important, and customers are no exception.

Your customers should always be your priority. If you are in the middle of something when a customer approaches your booth, stop what you’re doing and focus on them.

After greeting the customer, you should follow up within 30 seconds maximum. While the task you were working on is undoubtedly important, your customer needs your undivided attention when they come to see you.

If the customer is “just browsing,” you can return to your task, but keep an eye on them. When they are ready to ask for assistance, you need to be available to help immediately.

Manage the way customers wait

How can you make a good impression on customers when your booth is crowded? Great question…

No one likes waiting, but sometimes, we don’t have a choice. The best technique for welcoming customers in this situation is to create a pleasant atmosphere while they wait.

If you can, the ideal solution is to put someone at the portable booth entrance who can welcome customers with a greeting and a smile while you are busy helping others.

Offer refreshments and entertain customers waiting their turn. Entertainment can be as simple as digital signage displaying promotional material.

When it’s their turn, apologize for the wait. You can even crack a little joke to lighten the atmosphere.

Dedicate yourself to the customer relationship

Customers come to you for a reason. What is it? Do they want to buy a product? Do they want to learn more about your services with advice from a friend?

When customers come to you, you must be committed to meeting their needs. Active listening is one of the fundamental techniques of relationship marketing.

Active listening is essential in order to understand the customer’s needs and reasons for coming to you.

While they speak, use your sales dialogue and body language to show them you are listening.

Present a positive image

The image you present is very important when it comes to making a good first impression on customers. It’s also a great way to create a brand experience that aligns perfectly with your corporate DNA.

Choose professional clothing, keep your hair and beard neat and your makeup light, etc.

Your image is also reflected in the vocabulary you use. Set the right tone and choose your words with care when speaking with customers. Avoid sensitive topics like politics and religion.

Present your booth well

The way your space is presented also counts for a lot when it comes to making a good first impression. When you attend a trade show, keep your space neat at all times. Make sure your area is clean, orderly and tidy, and take extra care with your trade show booth lighting.

Kick your booth up a notch with decorations and comfortable furniture. Don’t hesitate to rent furniture if you think yours may not be up to scratch.

Welcoming customers: the key to making a good first impression

Customers are not so different from you and me. All they want is to be welcomed, heard and guided. To make a good impression on them, we invite you to make use of the techniques we have just covered.

If you play your cards right, chances are that customers will return the favour by trying out your product or service, if it suits them.

Good luck!