How to Be Successful at a Trade Show

Participating in trade shows requires a lot of energy. A lack of adequate preparation may lead you to miss out on major sales or partnership opportunities.

At totm exposition, your success is our priority.

Our team specialized in trade show displays and booth design tells you how to be successful at a trade show.

Develop a game plan and goals

The better prepared you are, the higher your chances of succeeding at a trade show. A lack of organization will be badly perceived by visitors and can overwhelm your team.

To make sure that your participation is a success, you must determine:

  • The role and schedule of each employee during the trade show
  • How the booth will be managed, by who, and who will be responsible for what

Do not leave anything up to chance. You also need to define what you hope to gain from your participation. This can include:

  • Building your reputation
  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Generating new sales
  • Forging new business partnerships
  • Understanding your competitors’ best practices

This will help you set goals that will guide your success and measure your performance after the trade show.

Get the right booth

You also need a functional and inviting booth to make your trade show a success.

The presentation of your products and services counts for a lot and your booth is the main tool used to showcase these.

There are three types of booths, each with their own advantages: custom booths, modular booths and portable booths.

The higher the quality of your booth graphics and manufacture, the more they have an impact and set you apart from the crowd, the more likely you are to succeed at your trade show.

Plan for potential problems

It is normal for problems to occur at a trade show: Internet disconnections, lack of supplies, sick or late employees, and more.

You should have an effective plan B in the event of mishaps. Having a contingency and risk management plan beforehand will help make your trade show a success because you will be prepared for the unexpected.

Train your employees

Before every sports game, the coach gathers the team and tells them the game plan. You should do the same with your employees, because the more prepared and trained they are, the more they will contribute to your success.

Train them adequately: tell them the most important products or services to promote and key sales points. You can also conduct sale simulations to anticipate and counter objections.

Potential customers are more likely to do business with you if your team is happy and well prepared.

Gather information on potential clients

You will meet many potential clients during trade shows, but they will not all have the same purpose in mind. Some may still be at the information gathering stage, some will be at the comparison stage, and others will be ready to make a purchase on-the-spot.

Listening to each of these people closely will help you better understand the needs of customers and adjust your sales pitch accordingly.

This information will also be useful when you follow up with them. Conversational details can help you personalize your speech when you contact them after the trade show, which is likely to impress them.

Succeed in your trade show and expand your business

Those were our main tips on how to be successful at a trade show. We hope you enjoy preparing yourself and putting our advice into practice.

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