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Exhibit Design

To create an inventive exhibition booth custom-built to suit your needs. Our designers, who specialize in exhibition and event booths, boast degrees from the best art schools in Europe and America. Our creative and innovative concepts will bring you maximum visibility.

A rigorous, creative approach that starts with an in-depth discussion of your target clienteles, business and communication objectives.

Client support

It has been shown that, on average, visitors’ attention is held 30 seconds when they see a booth. This means your communications need to be on point to help strengthen your company’s positioning and image as well as the products and services you market. We walk you through creating your booth’s visuals.

Our design studio works closely with our carpentry shop. We guarantee each project to be on budget and in compliance with technical specifications.


Project Managing

Simplify the logistics of your event. Our event planning experts take charge of and supervise the creation of your booth from design to installation. What’s more, we guarantee the highest quality control, and we go beyond just done!

As you plan your project, think about placing just as much emphasis on designing your stand’s visuals as you do its structure. Our exhibit and graphic designers work hand-in-hand to ensure smooth communication between your team and ours. They work together to provide a solution that meets your needs, technically, esthetically and in terms of visibility.

We pay scrupulous attention to detail and follow communications closely with the client.

Our hallmarks are flexibility, availability and attentiveness to your needs.

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning office will analyze your needs, assess the project’s feasibility, then provide recommendations. Tips, ideas, technical support, custom project development…

Your turnkey project will benefit from our expertise, from design to installation.


Graphic Design

You don’t have a graphic designer? Leverage our team’s expertise to enhance your corporate identity!

We translate your communications into pictures. With words both precise and forceful, in synergy with selected images, all woven into a creative graphic design package.

What we offer:

  • Graphic design booth
  • Posters / Banners
  • Brochures / Flyers
  • Branding
  • Management of start-to-finish-projects
  • Printing

The image you project contributes to the success of your event.

Your communications help strengthen the positioning and image of your enterprise and of the products and services you market. To this end, each communication must aim to achieve your objectives by means of a language and graphic design that enhance your unique personality and distinctive assets.


Large-Format Printing

We provide large-format printing on vinyl and fabric for tradeshows, art exhibits, museums, commercial display and advertising.

Printing on vinyl

We use a high-performance liquid inkjet digital printer.

  • Printing on adhesive vinyl.
  • Digital cuts to size or shape.
  • Adhesive vinyl lettering and cuts to shape.
  • Booth and exhibition structure assembly.

Printing on fabric

Sublimation printing on fabric has certain characteristics that make it perfect for visual communication in the event industry.

This technology’s advantages:

  • Higher quality and longer lasting.
  • Unparalleled colour density.
  • Fabric printed via sublimation absorbs light and is anti-reflective. No reflection on your images.
  • Use of more eco-friendly inks that are water-based with no solvents or odours.

Fabric visuals are well suited for exhibits and events. Easy to transport, handle and set up, they stay scratch and wrinkle free. To avoid compromising the fabric’s flame resistance, washing the fabric is not recommended.


Manufacture and Installation

Ingenious cabinetmakers and carpenters carry out your projects with a view to simplifying the installation and dismantling of booths. Our construction methods are carefully thought-out and innovative.

Quality assurance

Our experienced cabinetmakers preassemble each structure in our workshop before it is sent out.


  • Carpentry and metal workshop
  • CNC machine
  • Stand preassembly area
  • Sewing workshop

Logistics and Transportation

Inbound and outbound! At the right place and the right time!

Your event’s success is guaranteed thanks to our international network of installers and providers to meet your needs worldwide. We favour proximity logistics to cut our CO2 emissions. Our expertise provides competitive edge and optimal service at rates commensurate with your needs.

Your custom booth and portable booth are safely transported in specially designed transport crates.

Our activities include:

  • preparing orders,
  • managing orders and inventory via a computerized system,
  • liasing directly with show organizers to coordinate orders and services,
  • integrating transport service providers in North and South America as well as Europe,
  • handling customs clearance operations,
  • managing traceability,
  • organizing warehouse storage,
  • ensuring quality control.


Preparing your order is a key verification step to ensure your product meets requirements before shipment.

The shipment process includes:

  • preparations are finalized,
  • quality control is performed each time your booth arrives and leaves,
  • packaging,
  • documentation,
  • loading.

After the event, your booth is shipped back in its crate to our warehouse or the drop-off location of your choice, as per our arrangements.

Nothing is left to chance

Our strategic approach and creativity:

  • enhance the brand image of your products and services,
  • maximize the visibility of your enterprise when you participate in events, and,
  • ensure the effectiveness of your marketing objectives and business development activities.

Dedicated team

Our professionals have a proven track record and support each stage of project execution. Our attention to detail guarantees irreproachable quality: the materials we produce will more than satisfy your requirements.

Our designers and carpenters push the limits to propose booths that you’ll find surprisingly unique. Our determination to do the best job possible fuels our expertise and creativity.

Our team will offer an approach based on their in-depth knowledge of the trade show industry for your event!

Satisfied customers

Our development is based in creativity, innovation and quality manufacturing as well as the certainty that our commitment goes beyond just delivering a booth.

For each project, we provide 3D renderings, technical plans and a cost estimate.

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