How to write a trade show invitation email

There are many good reasons why your company should attend a trade show: exposure, showcasing your products or services, and even gaining new clients.

However, you need a crowd to be successful.

We will show you an effective way to convince your clients to attend your next trade show using an invitation email. Find out why and how to write a trade show invitation email.

Why send an event invitation email?

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. However, the probability of selling to a new customer is “only” 5-20%.

Simply put, inviting your existing customers to come to your next trade show can help you attract more visitors to your trade show booth and make more sales. It can also increase customer loyalty and help you develop a more authentic and meaningful relationship with them.

Trade show invitation email sample

Writing a trade show invitation email is not overly complicated. All you need to do is carefully write your message, present it nicely and include some key elements:

  • When the trade show is
  • Where the trade show is
  • Your trade show booth number
  • And a few other details

Here is a trade show invitation email sample:


Dear [client’s name],


We feel privileged to have you as a loyal customer for [number of years].

In the near future, our company will participate in the [name of the trade show], on [date] in [city].

We would like to invite you to visit us at [trade show booth number].

As a token of our appreciation, the team and I will give you a participation gift on site that we know you will enjoy.

Spots are limited, so please confirm your presence as soon as possible before [date] so that we can send you your free access card.

For more information, please contact [name of the person in charge] at [telephone number] or by email at [email].

We look forward to seeing you,


[Job title]


Trade show invitation email writing advice

Here are 4 tips to improve your email opening rate and maximize the number of invitations:

  1. Write a catchy subject line and use keywords and images that your customers identify with as soon as they open the invitation email.
  2. Get your client’s attention by mentioning their first and last name in the first few lines.
  3. Make them want to come see you at the trade show by mentioning gifts, promotional offers or contests you will have going on that might interest them.
  4. Include an urgency factor to encourage them to quickly confirm attendance.

When to send the event invitation email

We suggest that you send your event invitation email well in advance. Usually, you should send the email about 6 weeks before the event for local customers and up to 2 months ahead of time for international customers.

Properly planning the use of event communication tools—such as your trade show invitation email—is one of the best ways to be successful at a trade show.

Should you follow up after sending the invitation email?

If you have no answer after 1 week of sending your invitation email, you can follow up with your customer.

How do you follow up with the customer?

Send them a phone call or email. When you call your customer, be warm and do not talk too much. Instead, try to establish a relationship that goes beyond seller and customer.

In short, be friendly and simply talk to them honestly, as if you were talking to a friend, while remaining professional.

Make your trade show a success with an invitation email

Effectively planning your next trade show exhibit should not be left to chance. Use the trade show invitation email sample to invite your current customers to come see you at your next event to attract crowds and grow your business.

If you do it properly and at the right time, you will likely have a good response rate.

We wish you great success and enjoy writing your invitation email!