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How to make your booth stand out at a trade show

Trade show booths are a bit like houses on Halloween. The most exciting and vibrant ones are always the most successful.

But how do you attract the crowds?

In this article, our team explains how to make your booth stand out at a trade show.

Greet customers ASAP

Making your booth stand out at a trade show starts with the way you greet customers. Every customer that comes to your trade show booth should be greeted as soon as possible.

We recently wrote an article on the best techniques for welcoming customers at a trade show. We recommend reading it to find out more on the subject, but these are the essential points to remember:

  • Greet customers and offer them help in under 30 seconds
  • If they have to wait a bit for you to be available, offer them entertainment or a drink
  • Commit to meeting their needs and answering their questions

Create an attractive trade show booth

As an exhibitor, you will be in direct and indirect competition with a host of other companies. A good way to make your company stand out is to design an attractive trade show booth.

If your booth is appealing, well-organized and distinctive, you will have more success. Of course, not everyone knows how to set up an effective trade show booth. At totm exposition, we are experts at doing just that. We will be delighted to help you design the most appealing trade show booth imaginable.

Have enough staff, but not too much

An over-staffed booth can be overwhelming. People will be less keen to approach and talk to your team if there are 5 people waiting for them at the entrance, ready to pounce. It’s uncomfortable and intimidating.

Use the size of your booth to determine the number of people needed to staff it. For example, a 10’×10’ booth should have no more than 2 or 3 staff. 4 people should be sufficient for larger 10’×20’ booths, and for booths that are 20’×20’ or larger, 5 to 6 people would be optimal.

The exhibition location and your industry should also be taken into account when determining staffing requirements.

Entertain the attendees

Make your trade show booth somewhere people want to be. Bring your own speakers, set up your phone and play music if you have to. Hire an entertainer if you think you need a professional touch.

Consider the trade show attendees, what they want and what they like.

Trade shows are all about building relationships with customers and improving sales, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! Don’t hesitate to create a unique brand experience by offering entertainment.

Organize a contest

People love contests. Contests give visitors the chance to win an amazing prize. They also give you the opportunity to talk to potential customers and attract a larger audience that might not have come to your booth otherwise.

Contests also allow you to collect participants’ contact information for follow-up and prospecting purposes.

Interested in finding out more about trade show contests? We recommend reading the 8 best trade show contest ideas.

Plan live presentations

Make your booth stand out by organizing live presentations or bringing in a special guest. Promote the show or guest using event communication tools and try to get it mentioned in the trade show schedule or ask the organizer to announce it during one of the conferences. This will encourage attendees to visit your booth. The more visibility, the better.

Prepare your sales dialogue

No matter how long you have been working for the company, it’s important to practice your sales dialogue to convince customers. The better you master it, the more of a closer you will become.

You probably know your product or service very well, but can you talk about it convincingly? If not, practice your sales dialogue until it feels natural when you approach people. Remember, it’s best not to try to force a sale. Instead, steer the conversation towards your products or services in a natural way.

Promote your event and advertise your presence

Our final tip is to spread the word that you are going to the trade show. Promote it on your website and social media. Write a trade show invitation email for your customers, create a newsletter and send it to all your current and prospective contacts.

Follow the trade show on social media, create your own hashtag and participate in discussions in the newsfeed. These tactics will make you stand out.

Make your booth stand out at trade shows and be a success

Everyone likes to enjoy themselves, even trade show attendees, so try to make your booth as fun and exciting as you can. That’s the key to success.

What are your tips for making your booth stand out at a trade show?