How to build an attractive trade show booth

Trade shows are ideal to present your products and services. They are also a great opportunity to attract new customers and generate more sales.

Trade shows are therefore ideal to promote your business and develop your brand identity. In today’s competitive world, it is easy to go unnoticed as a trade show exhibitor.

The totm exposition team gives you 9 tips to design an impressive trade show booth. You will have everything you need to attract the crowd.

Design a visually appealing trade show booth

The first step is to purchase a booth. Trade show booths are a great way to get yourself known and attract trade show visitors. There are 3 main types of trade show booths:

A trade show booth is crucial to create a unique brand experience at the event. Ideally, invest in a booth that can be customized to your needs, development and the different trade shows you will attend.

Choose a strategic location

Location, location, location. The location of your trade show booth plays a major role in your success at the event.

A good location will attract more visitors to your trade show booth. If possible, choose a location near the entrance, near a conference room, or near a high-traffic area. Obviously, these strategic spaces are highly sought-after. They can be more expensive and “go faster” than other locations.

Surprisingly, some other high-traffic areas are less expensive and less popular, such as locations near washrooms.

Booking a space in a high-traffic area will help your trade show booth design stand out.

Carefully plan your visuals

Attractive products sell better and more easily. Make sure your booth’s graphic design and promotional materials are well thought out to make your booth more inviting. There are many visual media you can use in a trade show, including:

  • Banners
  • Backdrops
  • Signs
  • Roll-up and kakemono
  • Portfolio
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Streamers
  • Etc.

The more your visual materials convey a clear and unique message (the famous unique selling proposition), the more you will succeed in creating the best trade show booth design. A piece of advice: highlight your logo and your graphic charter to communicate your identity and your offers.

Design your space efficiently

The purpose of trade shows is to introduce you to prospective or existing customers and build new partnerships.

Your booth should therefore have an inviting atmosphere where people will want to talk to each other. Before planning the layout of your space, make a trade show booth mock-up. This will help you choose the location of the furniture and decorate it to make it a must-see and attractive spot to visit.

Offer comfortable seating with a range of decoration colours and textures for an attractive trade show booth design. Trade show attendees walk a lot and stand for hours. They will definitely want to come and rest on your comfortable seats if you have them.

Offer refreshments (coffee, tea, water, juice, etc.) as well; this will increase your appeal. Remember to add your logo to water bottles and other drinks, food or products you offer them. This will give you free publicity during and after the show.

Since the purpose of trade shows is to make new connections, consider setting up a conference room to discuss with your prospective clients and partners.

Make the most of the lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of designing your trade show booth. Your trade show booth lighting is important because it creates the right atmosphere for the experience. It also helps direct customers as they walk through the booth.

Entertain the public with technology

Technology is very useful for engaging and entertaining visitors while they are waiting or visiting your booth. Technology is also very useful for communication.

Using digital signage during a trade show promotes interaction and can easily support your sales team by broadcasting specific promotions or incentive messages.

Incorporating screens, digital signage and virtual reality will help you with your trade show booth design. Tell yourself this: the more lively and interesting your booth is, the more people will want to visit it.

Offer gifts or special promotions

Gifts, goodies and special promotions are always appreciated by trade show visitors. You should offer something interesting and useful. Otherwise, your investment will quickly end up in the trash.

The most popular gifts are:

  • USB keys
  • Pens
  • Travel bags
  • Mugs
  • Notepads

Once again, add your logo to the gifts you offer. If you are offering a discount, make sure your offer is for a limited time only. This will encourage the prospective customer to take action, and you’ll increase the chances that they will become a loyal customer.

Host a contest

Contests are always a big hit at trade shows. They are the perfect addition to your trade show booth design.  Hosting a trade show contest is a good way to attract attendees who might otherwise not have visited your trade show booth. After all, who doesn’t like to win a small gift?

Use event communication tools to promote your contest. These will help you quickly and easily increase your visibility.

Hire a dynamic team and get them involved

A lively, well-dressed, involved team that knows your product or service well is another way to upgrade your trade show booth design.

Even today, the human factor still takes precedence over all others. If your team isn’t perfect for the job, hire people to help you. A host, presenters, celebrity presenters or speakers that match your brand identity will help make your booth more appealing to attendees.

Design the best trade show booth

Participating in a trade show is a good way to expand your network, increase your visibility and get new contracts.

By using the advice we have just given you, you will succeed in designing the best trade show booth. Make sure to remember them when the time comes to effectively plan your next trade show exhibit.

Good luck!