How can a trade show booth be part of an experiential marketing strategy?

Trade shows have changed. In the past, a simple, modest trade show booth and a few well-designed flyers or promotional items could be enough to win over the crowd.

These days, the typical trade show visitor has higher expectations. Much higher. And now they need to be won over in new ways. So how exactly do you do this?

Experiential marketing may be part of the solution. Our trade show booth designers explain how it works below.

What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing, or experience marketing, is all about creating a memorable experience for the customer before they buy. The goal is to create meaningful and unique moments with them.

The ultimate goal is to generate emotions in an authentic environment.

Experiential marketing has many advantages. When done well, experiential marketing can easily build brand loyalty, recognition and credibility.

Give your visitor an experience via your trade show booth

Experiential marketing is an undeniable asset for any company, especially at a trade show. Let’s explore how a trade show booth can be part of an experiential marketing strategy.

Inform and entertain

Trade show visitors are solicited more than ever before. And sometimes it’s hard to get their attention.

A sales pitch focused on the features and benefits of a product or service doesn’t always lead to a conversion.

A better way to convert visitors is to make them “experience” your product. For example, if you sell non-stick pans, rather than explaining to the visitor that nothing sticks to your product, give them a demonstration.

Hand them the pan and ask them, for example, to cook an egg in it. They will see first-hand how effective the product is. This simple, yet engaging demonstration, as opposed to a sales talk, will stick in their memory and stay there, even days or weeks after the event.

In addition, approximately 65% of consumers say that live demonstrations give them a better understanding of a product than any advertisement.

Immerse the visitor in your world

Experiential marketing also helps to immerse the visitor in your brand universe. If you sell luxury cruises to tropical destinations, don’t just show your prospect pictures of the destinations.

Make them experience the cruise right from your trade show booth. For example, set up an area that looks like the deck of a boat. Replicate a cruise cabin or give them a taste of the food that will be served.

“Show” your business

Your corporate values are probably hidden somewhere on your website under the About section. You may also have a well-stocked Portfolio or Team section with a wealth of testimonials and highlights.

Your trade show booth is an experiential marketing vehicle that you can use to bring them to the forefront. Its overall concept – the design, graphics and furniture – can bring them to life for the visitor.

Instead of explaining what your company is, show it with your trade show booth.

If your business is fun-oriented, introduce games that will directly engage the visitor in your booth. And if your business is focused on relaxation, create a space where visitors can unwind as they walk through the trade show.

If your business is focused on entertainment, set up a photo booth and invite visitors to take pictures of themselves. You can even offer them a discount or a sample if they share it on social media with your hashtag.

You can also equip yourself with a VR headset to show your premises, your showroom or anything else to the visitor.

Experiential marketing and trade show booths: a perfect combination

Experiential marketing helps a visitor become emotionally invested in your products or services. This creates memorable experiences that stay fresh in their mind.

Your custom booth, modular booth or portable booth can help you create a memorable visitor experience at a trade show.

If you needed another reason to attend a trade show, we strongly encourage you to make use of experiential marketing.

And if you need help designing your trade show booth, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.