How to be more environmentally responsible when exhibiting at events and trade shows

For a long time, trade shows have been known as events that generate considerable waste and use up a lot of resources. However, like most industries, the event industry in Quebec has started going green.

Just look at the creation of the BNQ 9700-253 standard (Sustainable Development – Responsible Event Management), which aims to help organizers, exhibitors and the public reduce the environmental footprint of events.

For this green transformation to occur, more and more exhibitors need to take steps to be environmentally responsible when participating in events. Here are a few strategies you can use to become a more eco-friendly trade show participant.

Invest in a reusable trade show booth

If your company is planning to participate in multiple trade shows and events, investing in a reusable trade show booth is a good way to generate less waste and lower your resource consumption.

Today, trade show booth designers and manufacturers can create custom booths of all shapes and sizes, using rugged materials that allow them to be transported, set up and torn down multiple times.

If you’re afraid of getting tired of your reusable booth after a few trade shows, don’t worry! There are modular trade show booths that can be configured in several different ways. With a modular solution, you can change the appearance of your booth for each trade show while being environmentally responsible.

Features to consider when choosing a reusable booth

There are certain features that can further reduce a reusable booth’s environmental footprint:

  • Lighting the trade show booth with LED lights that consume very little energy
  • Manufacturing materials that are eco-friendly and easily recyclable
  • Visuals on fabric using water-based ink without solvents or odours

Offer sustainable promotional products

For many years, promotional products have been considered solid strategy for marketing a brand. However, if you want to be more environmentally responsible at trade shows and events, you need to consider the environmental impact of this approach.

On average, trade show attendees discard promotional items six months after receiving them. That’s not a long time, considering the environmental and socio-economic costs associated with manufacturing and disposing of them.

To help you ascertain whether to use or avoid certain products (from an environmental perspective), check out the Guide to Sustainable Promotional Products published by Équiterre.

Reduce paper waste

At events, companies often distribute paper documents such as brochures, flyers and business cards. Unfortunately, these documents often end up in the garbage or recycling. Companies that want to be environmentally responsible should find ways to avoid this waste of paper.

To show attendees that you care about the environment, use alternative methods and event communication tools to get your message across. There are many ways to do this with the technology we now have.

When it comes to sustainability, be like totm and put your words into action!

Don’t forget that environmentally responsible participation in events and trade shows sends the message that your company is committed to protecting the environment. That could make a huge difference to potential business partners and clients who share the drive to save the planet.

As a manufacturer of environmentally responsible trade show booths, totm is proud to help trade show participants and organizers promote sustainable development. We plant trees to offset the GHG emissions generated by our business activities and reduce our environmental footprint by recycling our materials as much as possible.