Why use digital signage and kiosks during a trade show?

Digital signage is part of our everyday lives. We now encounter digital signage everywhere we go, whether airports, malls, restaurants, and more.

The use of digital signage seems particularly beneficial at a trade show. Here is why having a digital kiosk at a trade show is a good idea.

Digital signage to better greet your customers

Customers do not like to wait. A few minutes of waiting can sometimes be enough to make a customer leave your business.

When you plan your next trade show exhibit, make sure that you have these 2 things, among others:

Installing a digital kiosk at the entrance of your trade show booth will make your visitors’ waiting time more pleasant. Your visitors will be more inclined to wait if wall-mounted screens display videos, varied content or other information.

While you are momentarily unavailable, your digital kiosk will entertain your customers.

Digital signage to communicate more efficiently

Thinking of offering a range of exclusive promotions at your next trade show? Promote your special offers via a digital kiosk.

Digital kiosks, like billboards, are excellent for highlighting your promotions because the interactive display of digital signage can easily capture your visitors’ attention. You can broadcast a succession of messages in a completely automated way.

Digital kiosks are also useful for transmitting live information. For example, if you organize a trade show contest, you can easily promote your contest and announce the winner with the digital kiosk.

Digital signage to save money

Digital kiosks are not only used to welcome, entertain and communicate. They also contribute to considerable cost savings.

“How?” you may ask.

It is quite simple: digital signage eliminates the cost of printing promotional material.

Your digital kiosk’s content can be updated at any time. In doing so, it can quickly adapt to price fluctuations and product arrivals or backorders.

Digital signage not only eliminates printing costs, but also the time required to produce and update them.

Digital signage: more eco-friendly displays

As you may suspect, digital kiosks are also very eco-friendly. The production of printed material consumes a lot of resources and energy: water, ink, paper, solvents, etc.

On the other hand, digital signage uses LED lighting technology, which consumes very little energy. Digital signage will therefore help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Digital signage: an all-in-one communication tool

Digital signage is a more enjoyable and environmentally friendly way to communicate what you have to share at a trade show. It is also a good way to save money and reduce the amount of resources you consume.

Most importantly, digital kiosks are the best way to get attendees’ attention. We strongly encourage you to consider them.

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