3 tips to create a unique brand experience at a trade show

Your customers’ opinions and behaviours towards your company are influenced by what they experience, perceive and feel when in contact with your brand.

How they perceive your brand therefore influences the relationship they have with you and, consequently, your reputation and income.

To please them, captivate them and attract them to you, you need to create a solid brand experience.

In this article, totmexposition gives you a few tips to create breathtaking brand experience at a trade show.

What is brand experience?

Brand experience is the set of emotions and perceptions that a consumer has towards your brand when interacting with it.

Brand experience includes your products,  services, advertising, customer service, reputation and word of mouth about your brand.

Brand experience differs from customer experience because it aims to improve individuals’ perceptions towards you, whether they are already a customer or not.

Why is brand experience important?

Brand experience is important because it helps your client or prospects develop an emotional attachment to you. It helps your brand shine and grow.

Key factors for a better brand experience

Bringing innovative products and services to the market is one of the main pillars of brand experience.

To develop a better brand experience, you should also study your brand and properly define your communication and marketing strategies.

You should also analyze and understand your competitors, because the impact of your brand experience is partly dependent on theirs.

How to create a unique brand experience during trade shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity to create memorable brand experiences. To be effective, the brand experience at a trade show should include all the ways your customer will contact you, from the beginning to the end of the buyer’s journey.

Have an appealing trade show booth

At a trade show, your booth may be the first and only point of contact with a customer. Whether your trade show booth is a custom booth, portable booth or modular booth, it must be pleasant and appealing at first glance in order to attract more visitors.

Its design must be unique and represent your brand identity. Your advertising banners and accompanying messages should also be included. All the elements that support your brand must have the same style.

Your team also plays an important role in brand experience. Team members must be polite, smiling, dynamic, friendly and appropriately dressed.

What happens before, during and after the sales process is what will stick in your customer’s mind. Prioritize the experience over sales.

Encourage visitors to interact with your brand

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for the customer to interact with your product or service.

Your product or service meets a need and certainly solves a problem. Which one is it? Your trade show brand experience should highlight this element.

Your customers should have a clear picture of this when interacting with your product or service. Make sure to deliver an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Hire speakers and influencers

Hiring a well-known speaker or having influencers involved is also a great way to create a brand experience that your customers will remember.

Even if you have a team of experts in the field, a speaker or influencer often has stronger charisma or a very convincing je ne sais quoi.

Speakers and influencers also often have an innate talent for interacting with crowds.

Trade show brand experience, you and your customers

Taking the time to understand all the elements that make up a complete brand experience is essential. The brand experience you offer your customers is not a luxury, it is a conscious effort and an investment you make to generate more success and take a more prominent place in your customer’s heart and mind.

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