our mission

We are a Canadian company. Each company has its own identity and strives to make its mark in the business community. Whether its structure is simple or elaborate, the exhibition stand must reflect and support the brand it showcases.

Our name, totm, is the basis of our company; it reflects a model of behaviour and an organizing principle. We communicate and share our expertise through our ingenuity and creativity. The result is stand-out events.

We form lasting relationships with our clients, who hail from the 4 corners of the globe.

Our mission is to transform our clients’ events into successes.

Our development is based in creativity, innovation and quality manufacturing as well as the certainty that our commitment goes beyond just delivering a booth.

our difference

What makes us different?

totm exposition is a Canadian company steeped in America and European culture. Our international experience gives us the knowledge to facilitates exchanges between our cultures. We communicate in French, English and Spanish.

jet lag is advantageous

Working with Totm Exposition in Canada from Europe is advantageous.

Save time and take advantage of the jet lag. We work when you sleep!
Send your design requests at 6 p.m. Paris time and receive your 3Ds in your email inbox when you arrive the next morning.
Communicate live with us from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Paris time.
An 15-hour day of uninterrupted work from continent to continent. Think about it!


eco friendly

At totm, we’re “rooting” for the planet!

For each booth, we plant a tree! For each trip abroad, we plant a tree!

Talking about the environment and climate change isn’t enough to have a truly clear conscience. We are dedicated to the mission of passing down a legacy to future generations through real collective action; totm exposition acts on its shared vision for sustainable development.

We plant trees to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of our company’s activities and to reduce our carbon footprint. We also minimize our impact on the environment by taking concrete steps to maximize recycling of our materials.

totm exposition is proudly committed to the fight against climate change by subscribing to Arbre-Évolution’s Programme de Reboisement SocialTM.

This program generates citizen reforestation initiatives that benefit communities and the environment. It encourages community involvement and focuses on organizing participatory planting activities to maximize the positive effect with each tree planted. The program ensures the involvement of as many people as possible, especially the next generation.

Arbre-Évolution offers diversified reforestation, agroforestry development, citizen awareness and carbon technology services. Arbre-Évolution’s approach is based on transparency, environmental protection and community involvement.

totm exposition is a socially responsible company that is committed to protecting the environment.

Looking out for people and the planet!


careers at totm!

We are exhibitions booths designers and manufacturers worldwide.

A career at totm is about:

  • guys and gals,
  • commitment,
  • recognition,
  • unique projects,
  • professionals,
  • passion,
  • challenges,
  • training,
  • fun,
  • travel,
  • happy mornings,
  • trees…

totm exposition is a socially responsible company that is committed to protecting the environment. Looking out for people and the planet!

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